Glamour and Prestige at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Yas-Marine-HotelYas Marina circuits host one of the most unique, if not fascinating, events on Formula One calendar. The twilight race enables day and night racing action with amazing lights facilitating this seamless switch. Indeed, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is rated next to Monaco GP in terms of glamour and prestige.

Since 2007 when a festival of Formula 1 cars and drivers was hosted at Abu Dhabi, the track has remained a darling of fans, especially with the official inaugural race in 2009. Well, you might think there is a lot of time before November 29th 2015, but you will be surprised at how fast these tickets are flying.

If you love your racing action then you need to get some grounding on Abdu Dhabi, even as the countdown for the new season starts. Here are some tidbits on Abu Dhabi GP that will make you a better F1 enthusiast:

  • Yas Marina Circuit: Designed by the legendary Hermann Tilke, this is the home of Abu Dhabi GP and its mercurial design is considered an architectural masterpiece. The island track is the first day-night event on the F1 calendar, again adding to the thrill.
  • Circuit details: Yas Marina is 5.554 km in length, and with 55 anti-clockwise laps, the total length comes to an exhausting 305.470 km. The first official race was in 2009, which Sebastian Vettel won.
  • Top winners: Sebastian Vettel is currently the top winner with three wins in 2009, 2010 and 2013. Hamilton has two wins after his 2011 and 2014 exploits at Yas Marina. However, you can bet the current crop of experienced drivers including Button, Alonso, Rosberg and Raikkonen are going to push for a win in the glamorous Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2015.
  • Lap record: Vettel holds the lap record of 1:40:279 set in 2009 when he was at his best driving for Red Bull.
  • Constructors’ title: Red Bull hold the enviable title of most wins for constructors. This was in the year 2009, 2010 and 2013.
  • 2014 double points controversy: One of the most talked about F1 topic in 2014 was the decision by FIA to award double points in the final race at Abu Dhabi. This led to hullabaloo, especially in the light of the ongoing rivalry between Rosberg and Hamilton. The feeling was that if the leading driver going to Yas Marina lost because of the rule it would be unfair. As luck would have it, Hamilton won comfortably.

Well, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2015 is a perfect place to unwind with numerous hospitality packages available. A great website to buy your tickets and hospitality is As you savour the thrill on the track, you can take some time and explore the beaches and marvel at what the city has to offer.

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The second-generation F1 racers

David Brabham (child of three-time title holder Sir Jack)

If Hans Joachim Stuck had an extreme demonstration to take after, that was nothing contrasted with David who had the unenviable undertaking of attempting to experience the accomplishments of a standout amongst the most fulfilled drivers in F1 history.
Tragically, in spite of a stellar secondary vocation that included winning the British F3 title and the extremely popular Macau Grand Prix, David younger would never draw near to copying his father’s F1 accomplishments.

Christian Fittipaldi general-fathers-and-sons-wilson-fittipaldi-christian-fittipaldi-cristiano-da-matta-and-ant(child of F1 veteran Wilson)

The more seasoned sibling of two time title holder Emerson F., Wilson Fittipaldi was never ready to create himself as a F1 leader, yet it resembled his child Christian may. One racing, the initial two with tail enders Minardi and the third with the just as tested Footwork squad.

Damon Hill (child of double best on the planet champion Graham)

Graham_Hill_4Graham Hill attained to pretty much all there was to accomplish in Formula One hustling, including winning two world titles and setting up his own group. Deplorably he passed on in a plane crash before child Damon had started his own motorsport vocation, and therefore the more youthful Hill needed to produce his own way to the top without the profit of his nonchalant father’s impressive experience. Fortunately Damon demonstrated similar in many ways to the old man and, in the same way as his father before him, obstinately struggled some way or another up the hustling step and onto the F1 network, notwithstanding amazingly constrained financing.

Jacques Villeneuve (child of six time Grand Prix victor Gilles)

95d1e3299f5eebba5207cb0f93163975The child of a standout amongst the most loved and worshipped racers in F1 history, Jacques Villeneuve was continually going to pull in consideration when he started his profession in engine dashing. Surprisingly the feisty French Canadian, who was only 11 when his ostentatiously capable father Gilles was murdered amid practice for the ’82 Belgian Grand Prix, managed the high as can be desires eminently, utilizing his renowned surname to secure quite required sponsorship as he climbed the single-seater stepping stool, whilst continually declining to be something besides his own particular man.

Nico Rosberg (child of 1982 title holder Keke)

Who's cooler? Nico or his da?Keke Rosberg’s extravagant driving style and remarkable duty in the driver’s seat earned him an army of steadfast fans in the 1980s, also world title achievement. Thusly there was a feeling of discernable suspicion when the first flying Finn’s previous group Williams elevated his child Nico to a race situate in 2006 finishing an enormous climb the lesser positions. Albeit impressively less breathtaking than his dad in methodology, Rosberg lesser quickly demonstrated his potential with a robust commute from the again of the field to seventh place on his introduction.

Kazuki Nakajima (child of previous Lotus racer Satoru)

dne0913ap27Were it not for the trailblazing adventures of father, Kazuki may never have dashed in the top echelon of motorsport. Senior, who recorded ten main six completions in five seasons of Formula One hustling, was the first of his kinsmen to break out of Japan’s aggressive household scene and build himself as a customary on the F1 network, and he did it all with the sponsorship of Honda. It was to a degree unexpected then when, after 20 years, child Kazukiarrived a commute with Williams on account of support from Honda’s main adversaries Toyota.

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